How To Paint A Table For Your Dining Room

We all have a table in our home that we really like, but has
more than lived out its days. Quite often it is the table in the dining room which
has been so well loved that it is just worn out where painting it is the
solution. Instead of tossing it out, here is how to paint a table for your
dining room.

Prepare an area

Before you ever start considering how to paint a table for your dining room,
you need to prepare an area that is specifically set up for this project.
If you’re painting in a garage or in your home, you be needed
to lay down the painting drop cloth. Even the best of
painters can have the spill from time to time.

Remove the Old Finish

Whether your table had a previous coat of paint or just a clear, protective
coating you need to remove all of the added items to the table until you are
back to the base wood. This will allow you a smoother painting

For this job you can purchase any paint or the varnish
remover from your local hardware store and follow the
directions on the package. In some cases, you can have the
stubborn old paint or varnish which will not come off. This is
where you will need to bring in sandpaper to get those coatings removed down
to a base wood.

Clean the Surface

Once you have removed all the old paint, it is time to ensure you
have the pristine surface so as to work with for the painting
job. Dust and wipe down the whole tables to remove any
particles which are left over from the stripping and sanding job.
Any debris left behind when painting a table, table can get caught
up in the paint and lead to an area that bubbles or chips


Now it’s the time you have been waiting for, time to pull
out that new paint. Start by applying a base coat and letting it dry. It
is vital that you only paint one layer and allow it to fully dry. Many people
become impatient and want to pile on layers of wet paint
hoping to complete the project more quickly. This will
lead to an unattractive finish and likely send you back to the beginning.

Once your base coat is completely dry, add a second coat. Again, allow this to
thoroughly dry before you consider whether or not the piece needs more paint.
Continue adding one coat at a time until you have the
desired amount and color of paint on your tables of your
dining room.

Finishing Coat

Once the painting of the tables you have been made the final question which you
need to ask yourself is, do you need to add the finishing protective coats?
Since you have been painting your tables which have had been beaten up due to
excessive use, this will not be the bad idea of adding the simple coat to clear
the coat as being the final layer to offer your tables as the extra defense
against the active family.